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Charmed Background:
A supernatural one-hour drama from Spelling Television, Charmed chronicles the conflicts and the love among three vastly different sisters and their need to come together to fulfill an ancient witchcraft prophecy.

The Halliwell sisters were always different, not just from the world around them, but also from each other. Though bound together by blood and destiny, these twentysomething women could not have been more different. Yet, the discovery that the three sisters were powerful good witches, foretold as the Charmed Ones, created a bond that reached far beyond petty sisterly grudges, and they banded together to keep their otherworldly witchcraft a secret and vanquish all comers.

Each sister has her own unique set of powers, which are constantly evolving. Phoebe has premonitions and has been perfecting her ability to levitate, while Piper can freeze time and cause explosions. Newest to the Halliwell fold, Paige was raised by adoptive parents and always felt that there was something different about her. In the search for her birth parents, she learned that she was abandoned at birth at a local church, the result of a clandestine love between Phoebe and Piper's mother and a "Whitelighter" guardian angel. This ancestry and the unexpected death of the oldest Halliwell sister, Prue, resulted in the awakening of Paige's powers to move things with her mind and to "orb" in and out between planes. Paige's more experienced sisters help her harness the power in their battle against evil.

The free-spirited and eccentric Phoebe has always enjoyed the privileges that come with being the youngest. Now that she has had to relinquish that role to Paige, Phoebe is working on gaining maturity. After her disastrous marriage to the half-human, half-demon Cole and a brief reign as Queen of the Underworld, Phoebe is ready to move on with her life. What she doesn't know is that Cole has no plans to let her go.

Usually the peacekeeper of the three, Piper is happily married to the girls' own Whitelighter, Leo and this season, she will be the first Halliwell sister to become a mother. Since the baby will be the product of a witch and a Whitelighter, no one knows just what powers it will possess.

As the youngest and newest member of this bewitching sisterhood, Paige has come to terms with her newfound powers. Though she was attacked by a Vampire Queen and has battled demons and ghosts, the relationship she has found with her two sisters is worth all the danger she has faced. Like Phoebe, Paige is ready for romance this season.

The siblings were willed the house of their childhood, which they share, a grand and mysterious Victorian manor that has been in their family for generations.

The free-spirited and eccentric Phoebe has come through a disastrous marriage to a half-human/half-demon and a brief reign as Queen of the Underworld. Phoebe also found herself experiencing several supernatural lifestyles when she was magically transformed into a mermaid, a mummy and, finally, the Goddess of Love. More than ever before, love will be the focus of attention for all three of the Charmed Ones this season, as they take advantage of the newfound freedom in their personal lives to date almost every man they see - both from this world and the world beyond. Even Piper, who was happily married to the girls' own Whitelighter, Leo and is the first Halliwell sister to become a mother, finds herself available again now that Leo has moved on to his new calling as the leader of the Council of Elders.

Taking Leo's place as the girls' personal Whitelighter is the mysterious Chris, who has come to them from the future. Though Chris appears to be the protector The Charmed Ones need so desperately, he carries dark secrets that cloud his true intentions. Only time will tell the sisters if their new Whitelighter is truly worthy of their trust.

All three sisters continue to move between planes of existence this season as they are transformed into warrior-maidens on a mythical island. They even get a taste of Camelot when magical creatures show up at their house for a "sword in the stone" competition. They will also face powerful new enemies, including three evil sisters bent on stealing their identities, a revenge-seeking ghost and an enormous dragon. One sister will even experience the surreal career of a successful talk show host.

As they have so often in the past, the Charmed Ones will continue to depend on their loyal friend and protector, Lt. Darryl Morris. Despite his lack of supernatural powers, Lt. Morris is always there to help in whatever way he can.